Computer Full Form In Hindi | कंप्यूटर का फुल फॉर्म क्या है


Computer Full Form In Hindi

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computer ka full form
computer ka full form

what is the full form of computer

Computer Full Form, हम अक्सर कंप्यूटर नाम से बोलते है क्या आपको पता है ? computer का full-form क्या है।  इस लेख में computer के full form के साथ साथ Computer Dictionary के बारे में जानते है। दोस्तों हम सभी जानते आज के समय में computers के बिना अधूरी जैसी लाग सकती है दुनिया।  सोच सकते हो आज कंप्यूटर नहीं होता हो क्या हो ता ? कम्प्यूटर के इतिहास और कंप्यूटर के बारे में सभी जानकारी read करने के लिय What is Computer In Hindi | Computer क्या है? Full Info पोस्ट Read कर सकते हो।  computer के बारे में सभी जानकरी सेयर किया है।

कंप्यूटर का फुल फॉर्म क्या है सरल और सहज भासा में आप को समझाने का कोसिस किया है आप देख सकते हो कंप्यूटर का फुल फॉर्म के साथ साथ अन्य computer parts के भी fullfrom देख सकते हो।  नॉट-  Computer क्या है? Full Info computer के बारे में सभी जानकारी जरूर एक बार चेक करना

Computer Full Form

कंप्यूटर का फुल फॉर्म क्या है? – Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research है.

C – Common
O – Operating
M – Machine
P – Purposely
U – Used for
T – Technological and
E – Educational
R – Research

computer parts full form

Most Important Computer Related Parts Full Forms, What is the full form of A to Z in COMPUTER?, 20 full forms related to the computer, What are the full forms of Computer?

  • ATM Full Form – Automated Teller Machine
  • BMP Full-Form – Bit Map
  • CD-RON  Full-Form – Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  • CPU Full-Form – Central Processing Unit
  • CRT Full-Form – Cathode Ray Tube
  • CU Full-Form – Control Unit
  • CVS Full-Form – Computer Vision Syndrome
  • GHz Full-Form – Gigha Hertz
DVD full form in computer
  • DVD Full-Form – Digital Versatile Disk
  • GUI Full-Form – Graphical User Interface
  • LCD Full-Form – Liquid Crystal Display
  • LED Full-Form –  Light Emitting Diode
  • LOGO Full-Form – Language of Graphics Oriented
  • MHz Full Form – Megha Hertz
  • MS-DOS Full-Form –  Microsoft Disk Operating System
  • Ms-Paint Full-Form – Microsoft Paint
  • Ms-Windows Full-Form –  Microsoft Windows
  • PC Full Form – Personal Computer
  • RAM Full-Form – Random Access Memory
  • ROM Full-Form –Read-Only Memory
  • TT Full-Form – Typing Tutor
  • UPS Full Form – Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • VDU Full-Form – Video Display Unit
ALU full form in computer
  • ALU full form – Arithmetic and Logic Unit
Computer Dictionary
  • Abacus:- The test calculating device of the world.
  • Aichmatic Tegio Unit:- The part of the CPU which performs mathematical relations and takes logical divisions.
  • ATM:-  A machine in or outside a bank, from which you can get money from your bank account by using a special plastic card.
  • Booting:-  The process of starting a computer through the operating system
  • Casing:- The box which contains the main components of the computer system.
  • CD-ROM:-  A small disk on which a large amount of data and information can be stored
  • Clicking:- The process of pressing the left mouse button once.
  • Computer program:-  A set of instructions or code that control the operations or functions of a computer.
  • Computer:-  An electronic machine that can perform several different tasks. Also called smart machine.
com full form in computer
  • Control unit:-  The part of the CPU which controls all the activities of CPU.
  • CPU:-  The part of the computer also known as the electronic brain that controls all the other parts of the system.
  • Data:-  Individual facts or pieces of information that themselves may not make much sense to a person. A computer processes data to produce information
  • Desktop computer:-  A computer with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and system unit that fits on a desk.
  • Devices:-  An object or a piece of equipment designed to do a particular job. A part of a computer that performs a special task.
  • Diligent:- The repeated working capability of any device especially a computer
  • Double-clicking:-  The process of pressing the left mouse button twice in quick succession
dictionary of computer science
  • RAM:- Computer memory in which data can be stored for temporary use. #Its data can be changed or removed
  • Recycle bin:-  The program of windows OS that stores the deleted files and folders
  • ROM:- Computer memory that contains instructions or data that cannot be changed or removed.
  • Scanner:- A device that copies images or printed text so that can be stored on the computer.
  • Shutdown:- The act of stopping a computer from working. We should shut down the computer after using it.
  • Softcopy output:-  The temporary output on visual form
  • Speaker:-  A device that gives output in the form of sound. It helps us to listen to music on the computer.
  • System Unit:-  A box that contains most of the computer parts. The CPU is contained inside it.
  • Touchpad:- A device which you touch in different places in order to give commands and select objects on the computer.
  • Touch screen:- A computer screen that allows you to give instructions to the computer by touching the area on it.
  • TUX typing:-  It is a free and open-source simple typing software.
  • Typing tutor:-  Basic and simple typing program which allows to leam about typing.
  • User:- A person who uses a computer. A computer user also called an operator gives instructions to the computer.
computer ke bare mein
  • Versatile: Able to do many different things.
  • Webcam:- A video camera that is connected to a computer so that what it records can be seen on a website.
  • WordPad:-  Basic word processing program that comes with Windows Operating System.
  • Monitor: A device that shows information from a computer.
  • Motherboard:-  The electronic circuit board which integrates all the vital components
  • Mouse pad:- A small square of plastic that is the best surface to move a computer mouse. The mouse can be easily moved on the mouse pad.
  • Mouse pointer:-: A small arrow that makes a point on the monitor when we move the mouse in different directions, the mouse pointer moves in the same direction on the screen.
  • Mouse:-  A small device that is moved by hand across a pad to control the movement of the pointer on a screen. It is used to point or select objects and to give commands to the computer.
  • Output:- An information or result produced by a computer after processing data
  • Operating system:- The basic computer software that controls and manages all the resources inside the computer.
  • Pen drive: Also called flash drive or USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive. A small external storage device is used to transfer data from one computer to another.
  • Personal computer:- The general-purpose computer used in offices or homes.
  • Paint:-  A computer program that allows us to draw and color pictures on the computer.
  • Pointing:-  The process of moving the mouse pointer to locate any item on the monitor screen
Most Important Computer Science Topics
  • What is Computer In Hindi
  • CC और BCC क्या है? CC & BCC का उपयोग, नुक्सान, Full Form
  • Power cord:- A link between the power outlet and power supply unit in the computer casing.
  • Printer:- A machine for printing text or graphics on paper. Specially connected to a computer.
  • Process:- To perform a series of operations on data in a computer to produce results.
  • Dragging:- The process of holding the left mouse button and moving in the required location
  • Electronic machine:- A machine having microchips that control and directs a small electric current
  • E-mail:-  Also called electronic mail. A way of sending messages to other people by means of computer connected together in a network
  • Hard copy output:-  The permanent output on printed form.
  • Hard disk:-  A storage device of a computer that can store a large amount of data and information permanently.
  • Information:-  Facts that are displayed by the computer after processing may be in the form of words, pictures, numbers, sounds, and videos
  • Input:-  The act of putting data and information into a computer
USB full form in computer

  • instructions: A piece of information that tells a computer to perform a particular operation
  • Joystick:- A device used with some computer games to move images on the screen
  • Keyboard:- A device that has a set of keys for operating a computer. We can type anything and give commands to the computer by prem keys on the keyboard
  • laptop computer:- A small-sized computer that can work with by and be easily carried.
  • logo:- The graphics-oriented simple coming language and to draw lines, shapes, and figures
  • Machine:- Man-made things that help us to work and case
  • Memory:- The part or device of the computer which was prepared.
  • Microphone:- An input device to input od into the computer

दोस्तों आपने com full form in computer, URL full form in computer, computer ka full form, ALU full form in computer, USB full form in computer, DVD full form in the computer सभी computers के पार्ट्स से जुडी फुलफ्रॉम पता चला होगा। आपको कंप्यूटर का फुल फॉर्म क्या है पोस्ट अच्छी लाग तो जरूर दोस्त के साथ सेयर करना।  लेख पढ़ने के लिया धन्यबाद।  कुछ सल्ला सुझाब और प्रश्न है तो कमेंट बॉक्स आपके लिया सर क्षण खुला है।

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