Upcoming IPO in 2024, List of Latest IPOs in India


Upcoming IPO in 2024

If you are looking for the list of Upcoming IPOs in India in 2024, below are the latest IPO lists that might hit the IPO market soon. The forthcoming IPO list includes the companies that have filed DRHP and RHP, which are expected to hit the primary market in 2024.

What is an IPO? 

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the public debut of a privately held corporation. It’s similar to revealing significant shares to the public for the first time. This grand event is a golden opportunity for the company to fetch equity capital from the masses. 

Transitioning from a privately held company to a publicly traded one is a big deal, especially for individual investors. It’s their chance to reap the rewards of their early investments, as IPOs often come with a premium for existing stakeholders. Simultaneously, it opens the doors for public investors to jump aboard the investment train and partake in the offering. 

Upcoming IPO in 2024

How to apply for an IPO?

Applying for an IPO: A Step-by-Step Guide

Investment in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) can be thrilling as a company goes public. Here are three IPO application methods:

UPI Online:

  • Demat Account Access: Start your Zerodha, Upstox, or Paytm Money demat account app.
  • Pick the IPO: Browse the IPOs and choose one to invest in.
  • Use UPI ID: Start the application with your UPI ID.
  • Authorize Mandate: A mandate request will appear in your bank or UPI app (like Google Pay). Allow this mandate to advance with your application.

ASBA Online:

  • Your Bank Account Login: Log into online banking.
  • Visit the IPO Application Section: IPO applications are typically under ‘Investments.’
  • Provide Details: Enter your Demat account, PAN, and bid information.
  • Submit Application: Apply after reviewing the details.

Broker Offline:

  • Talk to Your Broker: Contact your broker or advisor.
  • Fill out the Form: Brokers give IPO application forms. Fill out the required information.
  • Submit Form: Your broker will process the completed form.

Upcoming IPOs in March

Current / Upcoming IPOs in March
Ongoing IPOsDatePrice Range (Rs)Issue Size (Rs Cr.)Lot SizeStage
AVP Infracon Limited13-15 March 71-75 52.341600Open now
Krystal Integrated Services Limited14-18 March680-715300.1320Open now
Enfuse Solutions Limited IPO15-19 March7016.172,000
Enser Communications Limited IPO15-19 March91- 96 22.441,200
KP Green Engineering Limited IPO15-19 March137 – 144189.51,000
Chatha Foods Limited IPO19-21 March53- 56342,000

Upcoming IPO in 2024

Upcoming IPOs
Forthcoming IPOs in 2024
Upcoming IPO 2024DateSizePrice
SPC Life SciencesComing Soon
Balaji Speciality ChemicalsComing Soon
EbixCashComing Soon
Ola ElectricComing Soon
Indiafirst LifeComing Soon
Tata PlayComing Soon
FirstMeridian BusinessComing Soon
Lohia CorpComing Soon
ESDS SoftwareComing Soon
CMR Green TechnologiesComing Soon
Hexagon NutritionComing Soon
Hemani IndustriesComing Soon
Aadhar Housing FinanceComing Soon
Pristine Logistics & Infraprojects LimitedComing Soon
India first LifeComing Soon
Gold Plus GlassComing Soon
Vikram SolarComing Soon
Corrtech InternationalComing Soon
Cogent E-ServicesComing Soon
Navi TechnologiesComing Soon
GoAirComing Soon
MobiKwikComing Soon
Skanray TechnologiesComing Soon
PharmeasyComing Soon
Wellness ForeverComing Soon
IxigoComing Soon
VLCC Health CareComing Soon
Penna CementComing Soon
Snapdeal IPOComing Soon

A wave of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) is expected to launch in March 2024, exciting Indian investors. Budget airlines, digital payment platforms, cement manufacturers, and tech heavyweights are active in the primary market. Let’s look at some forthcoming IPOs to watch:

Go Airlines, India’s beloved budget carrier will launch an IPO to collect Rs. 3,600 crores. The airline submitted documents to SEBI. Each share is worth Rs. 10.

MobiKwik wants to raise Rs. 1,500 crore through new equity shares and Rs. 400 crore through an offer for sale by select promoters and shareholders to make a significant market impact. This IPO is buzzing due to the platform’s reach. Investors want to be on the fun with 3 million stores and 120 million customers.

Ixigo, a travel booking company, aims to go public with an IPO to raise Rs. 1,600 crores. ixigo’s fresh funding (Rs. 750 crores) and offer for sale (Rs. 850 crores) will boost its success. This IPO story takes an intriguing turn when Elevation Capital and Micromax leave.

Penna Cement plans to raise Rs. 1,550 crores through its IPO, which is exciting news for the building industry. This considerable boost will spur industry growth and innovation. Penna Cement would strengthen its market position with a Rs. 1,300 crore share offering and Rs. 250 crore offer for sale. An enormous 10 million tonnes of yearly manufacturing capacity and a strong footprint in Eastern and Southern India make this IPO strong. As solid as concrete.

Keventer Agro, a popular Eastern Indian food and beverage firm and part of the Keventer Group, will launch a Rs. 800 crore IPO. The company’s valuation is expected to rise to Rs. 2,500 crores after becoming public, attracting investors.

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Fincare Small Finance Bank‘s IPO generates excitement, which involves a Rs. 330 crore share issuance and a Rs. 1,000 crore share sale. From FY18 to FY20, Fincare was one of the fastest-growing small financing companies in the country, making it a noteworthy bank.

API Holdings, PharmEasy‘s parent firm, would provide many investment options in its Rs. 6,250 crore IPO. This exciting new share issue will energize the digital healthcare platform and strengthen its market leadership in India.

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Bajaj Energy, a major thermal power generator, will launch a Rs. 5,450 crore IPO. Bajaj Energy’s recent move will turbocharge your investments. It’s a massive Rs. 5,150 crore share issue and Rs. 300 crore sale. This powerful possibility will brighten your finances.

OYO Rooms, a digital hotel behemoth, will offer investors a hefty Rs. 8,430 crore IPO. Existing investors and shareholders can sell Rs. 1,430 crore, and the corporation is offering Rs. 7,000 crore in newly issued shares.

Droom, the popular online car marketplace, is planning an IPO that might garner Rs. 3,000 crores. With a Rs. 2,000 crore share offering and Rs. 1,000 crore offer for sale, Droom is poised for tremendous expansion. The company will succeed quickly with this move.

Navi Technologies, founded by Sachin Bansal and Ankit Agarwal, is nearing its IPO. Although details are unavailable, the company’s lending, microfinance, health insurance, and mutual fund activities seem intriguing.

Snapdeal, an e-commerce giant, is expected to succeed with its IPO. The corporation wants to issue Rs. One thousand two hundred fifty crores in new shares, an exciting step. They also offer current shareholders and investors the chance to sell shares. This strategy will create market buzz and boost interest in the company’s future.

As Ola prepares for its IPO, Indian tech startups are excited. Multiple reports suggest the Ola IPO will issue Rs. Fifteen thousand crores, but details are still being finalized. The company completed its pre-IPO investment round, preparing for an explosive launch.

The 2018 unicorn tech company BYJU is preparing for its public offering. According to sources, BYJU’s IPO might boost its worth to $40–45 billion, demonstrating its investment success.

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Upcoming IPO in 2024

Frequently Asked Question

Which are the best Upcoming IPOs in 2024 in India? 

India’s 2024 best IPOs include Ebixcash, Indiafirst Life, SPC Life Sciences, Tata Play, Lohia Corp, Nova Agritech, and others. After SEBI approval, the list may consist of further names.

Can I Apply for IPO without a Demat account? 

No, SEBI requires a Demat Account for IPO applications. 

Are IPOs a good investment? 

Yes, IPOs are terrific short- and long-term investments. Investors should consider IPOs for companies with solid finances and great demand. 

How can one apply for upcoming IPOs online? 

Investors can apply for the upcoming IPO using UPI-based online applications or ASBA bank. 

Where do I get an application form for an Upcoming IPO? 

Blank ASBA IPO application forms are available via the NSE or BSE website or brokers. 

Note to Investors: 

The Upcoming IPO Calendar is based on online news, so the dates may change. 

Details about impending IPOs are provided. We do not trade or supply IPO grey market premiums or Kostak rates. 

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